World Harvest Youth


World Harvest Youth

The purpose of World Harvest Youth Ministries is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this generation and to let every young person know that there is Hope in God. We believe God is raising up a " New " prophetic generation of young people totally sold out to Jesus. This prophetic generation is already here! We believe that in these last days, young people are yearning for the move of the spirit, for they have not heard the right word and the right message that their hearts long for! When you come to World Harvest Youth Services you will experience the presence of God in word and song in a powerful way. We believe that there is a move of god taking place amongst our youth. We are experiencing young people getting saved, filled with his spirit, and delivered from alcohol, drugs, suicide, and low self-esteem, Hallelujah!!! We believe the time is now for that prophetic generation that the prophet Joel prophesied about to arise!

" Let the worshippers arise!

Let the sons and the daughters sing

I'm surrendering my all

I surrender to the king "