Tools & Resources


Tools & Resources

Jonathan Cahn is known for bringing out the deep mysteries and rich revelations of God’s word, as well as restoring the originally biblically Jewish context and flavor of the New Testament. Hope of the World also ministers to strengthen believers in the richness and power of the Gospel through audio, DVDS, and printed media.

PITN brings thoughtful and relevant Bible exposition, plus an exciting line-up of contemporary guest scholars and authors.

Ravi Zacharias is a Christian apologist and teacher. He is the president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM). He also hosts the weekly radio program "Let My People Think" heard on over 1500 stations worldwide.

 David Wilkerson was a legendary preacher who truly did hear from God. He  was an American Christian evangelist, best known for his book The Cross and the Switchblade. He was the founder of the addiction recovery program Teen Challenge, and founding pastor of Times Square Church in New York.

Astronomer and best-selling author Hugh Ross travels the globe speaking on the compatibility of advancing scientific discoveries with the timeless truths of Christianity. His organization, Reasons to Believe (RTB), is dedicated to demonstrating, via a variety of resources and events, that science and biblical faith are allies, not enemies.